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Wisdomlife pedestal fans

which allows for precise adjustments in airflow, to other space-saving or classic fans that fit every consumer style and price range.

Wisdomlife stand fans

Our Remote Fans are designed to provide you optimum comfort, as you don’t have to get up from the couch or your bed to change the settings of the fan or to turn it on/off.

Wall mounted fans

Wisdomlife Fans’ Wall Mount Fans are the perfect cooling and air circulation solution for you. These fans are apt for both home and office use.Moreover, our Wall Mount Fans are available in elegant and trendy designs.

Table Fans

As you can see, our desk fans are truly the best portable cooling solution for you. With the value-for-money table fan price that we, at wisdomlife Fans, offer you, this is the best opportunity to get portable fans

Box Fans

Whether you want to use them as desk fans in your office or as table fans for refreshing you while you work in the kitchen.Further, being portable in nature, these table fans can be placed in any corner of your premises, with ease.

WLEFS-602 802 1002 1202


Product Description

6" and 8" ,10", 12" exhaust fan, SQUARE shape

Model No.:   WLEFS-602, WLEFS-802,WLEFS-1002,WLEFS-1202
Ventilation fan, exhaust fan, Keep your attic properly ventilated for a cool, more energy
efficient home.
Exhaust fans are an integral part of your home's ventilation system.

Motor: 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
Equipped with embeded mini powful motor,Large air output, low noise, low power consumption
Blade: 5 PP plastic blades, SQURAE SHAPE

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